Using Assessment to Support Quality Teaching and Learning

Assess & Progress

Teacher assessment is an integral part of every child’s education and a key component of the teaching and learning cycle. A teacher’s feedback helps pupils build confidence, understand learning goals and stay focussed on progress and achievement.

Good assessment techniques, whether diagnostic, formative or summative, can bring benefits for teachers and pupils alike. That’s why CCEA has developed an on-line portal called ‘Assess and Progress’ to support teacher assessment in the classroom. 

When you click in to the ‘Assess and Progress’ site you’ll find a growing range of support and guidance materials, as well as research and case studies.

Over time the portal will become a space for sharing of knowledge through online discussion and webinars, connecting teaching, learning and assessment.

And you’ll also be able to book your assessment training and support.

‘Assess and Progress’ is your online assessment resource, providing access to a wealth of high quality and relevant materials in one easy to find place.

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