KS3 Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship Launch

CCEA was successfully awarded funding from The Department of Justice, Tackling Paramilitarism Programme Board to develop resources around Active Citizenship, as a way of Tackling Paramiliaritism and promoting Lawfulness in Northern Ireland mainstream, grant funded Post-Primary schools.

Local and Global Citizenship (LGC) is a key component of the Northern Ireland Curriculum and the basis for promoting Active Citizenship in schools. LGC already provides a statutory framework for teaching pupils about lawfulness and issues such as paramilitarism and organised crime. CCEA has developed a series of animations and lesson plans to provide teachers with practical classroom teaching and learning strategies to discuss:

  • ways pupils can make a positive contribution to their communities/wider society;
  • democracy and lawfulness (including the rule of law, role of the PSNI and justice system); and
  • the impact of organised crime and paramilitaries on individuals, communities and wider society.

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