Curriculum Monitoring Programme - The Northern Ireland Curriculum

The NI Curriculum was introduced in 2007 and we are interested to hear how well it is working, and how CCEA can support teachers in its further implementation. On this page you will have the opportunity to access online questionnaires which will allow you to share your views. There are no right or wrong answers – we are interested to hear your thoughts and feelings about your experience of the curriculum. New questionnaires will be added over the next few months.

The information that you share will be confidential and cannot be traced back to individual schools. It will be used to create a report that will be published in June 2019. This report will inform the planning of future support for schools. For further information about how CCEA will use and store information, please refer to CCEA’s privacy policy. We hope that taking part in the surveys will provide an opportunity for reflection and professional dialogue within the education community in Northern Ireland. By sharing your views, you can help to shape the curriculum support provided by CCEA in the coming years, to the benefit of the teachers and pupils in all our schools.

The survey below should roughly take 10 minutes to complete, however, if you are unable to complete them in one sitting, there is a facility to save your answers. If you have any queries regarding the questionnaire, please contact Simon Beattie at or 028 90 261200 Ext 2604.

Curriculum Monitoring Programme - The Northern Ireland CurriculumThere is no closing date

All information provided by you via any CCEA form or questionnaire will be read and if necessary feedback delivered to you accordingly. The information given will be stored on our database. Your personal data will be held for the purposes of submission only and will not be disclosed in any matter incompatible with that purpose. We will not provide this information to additional 3rd parties.  Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.