Useful Links

Teaching Controversial Issues, 2015 CCEA Resource
This guidance supports principals, senior leaders or managers and teachers to plan and develop approaches to teaching controversial issues at whole-school and classroom level.

CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit (2012) Tackling Controversial Issues in the Citizenship Classroom
This resource provides teachers with practical approaches and ideas for exploring controversial issues in Citizenship and other curricular areas.

Housing Executive (2017) Ending Homelessness Together – Homelessness Strategy for Northern Ireland 2017–22

The Many Faces of Homelessness in Northern Ireland
A blog from the Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service

Belfast Street Needs Audit 2016
Northern Ireland Housing Executive, The Welcome Organisation and Depaul Belfast City Centre Management

Famous people who were homeless

53 Celebrities Who Have Been Homeless

17 rich and famous people who were once homeless

15 Rich And Famous People Who Were Once Homeless

Education Resources

Shelter Cymru: Free Resources
This service features teacher resources, digital stories and film links.

Australian Youth Homelessness Matters Resource
This national campaign site contains information on youth homelessness organisations, links to research and videos.

Herts Young Homeless Education Services

Young Money: Finance educational resources

Homelessness resources in the media

Homeless Documentaries

BBC Famous, Rich and Homeless: The celebrities facing up to life on the street

BBC The Documentary Podcast: The Hidden Homeless

Real Stories: 'Evicted: The Hidden Homeless' (BAFTA Winning Documentary)

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission & Simon Community NI: Homelessness

'16 and Homeless' - A short film by the NIHE & NIYF

End Youth Homelessness Campaign

Homeless Link: Young and Homeless - what young people told us

BBC Newsbeat: Young, Single and Homeless

Young and Homeless in London: Homeless by Natasha Thompson, spoken word artist

Shelter: Until there’s a home for everyone

Centrepoint: Young People’s Stories

Centrepoint: Young and homeless: your phone tells the story

Centrepoint: You Better Believe It

BBC Money Box: The Cost of Homelessness

London's Young Hidden Homeless and New Horizon Youth Centre

Action For Children UK: Youth Homelessness

Northern Ireland News

£600k guest house bill for 1,400 placements homeless people in Northern Ireland
An article from the Belfast Telegraph about Housing Executive expenditure for housing homeless people.

Northern Ireland Homelessness ‘up by third’ in five years
A BBC report on increasing homelessness.

Homelessness in NI: Life on and beyond the streets
A BBC news article examining life on the street.

How close to homelessness am I?
An iWonder resource about homelessness.

RICS survey prompts fears that Northern Ireland is heading towards housing supply crisis
An Irish News article about housing.

Homelessness in Northern Ireland rises 32% in 5 years
A Belfast Live article about the rise in homelessness.

What do we know about homelessness in NI?
An overview of the extent of homelessness in Northern Ireland.

Homelessness in Northern Ireland
A Northern Ireland Audit Office publication about homelessness.

Comparison of homelessness duties in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
A UK parliament report on homelessness and the help available.

Support Organisations

Council for the Homeless Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Department for Communities

Housing Advice NI

Housing Rights

MACS Supporting Children & Young People

Shelter, Northern Ireland

Simon Community, Northern Ireland

The Welcome Organisation

Key Stage 1 and 2 Key Stage 3 and 4