Resources & Links

On these pages you will find a list of Giro d'Italia and cycling-related resources and links provided by the Giro d'Italia Schools Sub Group members: SportNI, Northern Ireland Tourist Board , Department for Regional Development, The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment and Sustrans.

Equella Resources

KS2 Researching bicycles worksheets - bicycle parts & safety

Also available in the C2k EQUELLA Northern Ireland Curriuclum library for all C2k users:

  • KS3 Geog/LLW: Safe routes to school (microsite)
  • KS3/4 Maths/Science: Interpreting motion graphs( 2pg Word doc)
  • Interviews with track cyclists e.g. Chris Hoy (links to BBC Learning Zone clips)

C2k users can access EQUELLA and the above-mentioned resources by following these steps:

  • Launch the MY-SCHOOL web portal
  • Click on the EQUELLA icon in the launch panel to the left of the screen
  • In the Quick Search field on the EQUELLA dashboard enter, for example, Giro and click Search

CCEA/NI Curriculum Resources


STEMWorks Sports Science Case Study

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

BBC Resources

The Role of a Sprint Cyclist Mark Cavendish video (also in Equella)

GCSE Science - GCSE Bitesize Explaining Motion

GCSE Physics – GCSE Bitesize Forces and their Effects (text, videos and interactive activities)

Technology - Development of Aerodynamic Racing Bike video (03:36) BBC Learning Zone (also in Equella)

Other Resources

KS2 Road safety games

Hero on a Bicycle novel by Shirley Hughes (Set in Florence in 1944) recommended by BASE Library Services for P7 pupils

Belfast’s John Boyd Dunlop - the inventor of the rubber tyre

Yorkshire Legacy Plan for the Tour de France

Yorkshire Legacy Plan

Education resource pack A

Education resource pack B

Education resource pack C