Training & Support

CCEA has a designated team of four officers who provide a wide range of support for special and mainstream schools in all aspects of SEN.

This includes:

  • research and development of curriculum, assessment and qualifications;
  • training and professional development; and
  • advice and in-school support.

Treasa Hawksford
Treasa Hawksford
028 9026 1200
ext 2619

Andrew Douglas
Andrew Douglas
028 9026 1200
ext 2713

Jenny Robinson
Jenny Robinson
028 9026 1200
ext 2621

Teresa Robb
Teresa Robb
028 9026 1200
ext 2296

Special Educational Needs support in your organisation

The team has a range of courses available that can be delivered on request within your organisation. The support sessions will give an initial introduction to each topic and will last approximately 1 hour. In each of the sessions, participants will:

  • be given an overview of the topic and relevant research;
  • become familiar with the current requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum as it relates to the topic; and
  • be signposted towards available resources.

Areas available are:

  • Q Skills Assessment Framework
  • Quest Assessment Framework
  • Statutory assessment using the Levels of Progression
  • Social Emotional Behavioural Difficulties
  • Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities
  • Science in the SLD Classroom

To find out about courses which are currently available please see our Events Page or sign up to our SEN newsletter or for any other queries please email

SEN Conference for Special Schools (August 2018)

CCEA are hosting a one day conference highlighting solutions to current issues and teaching strategies within special educational needs schools. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from key speakers in this field and will be able to engage in a series of workshops that will be facilitated by teachers, allied professionals and academics. The workshops will provide teachers with practical activities that they can take away and use in their classrooms.

Intended Audience:
Teachers in special schools.

Delivery Mode:
Full day face-to-face session.

Teacher Release is not available.

Other training resources

We are developing a range of training resources that will allow you to avail of some of our training in your own time and at your own pace. These resources can be used as an individual or as a co-ordinator to facilitate a training session during directed time.

Q Skills online training courseQ Skills online training course

The prerequisite skills (Q Skills) online training course is now available for all teachers of learners with special educational needs (SEN) who are building their skills towards Level 1 on the Levels of Progression. The course provides training on the Q Skills of Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT. It also includes advice for Assessment Coordinators and a PowerPoint which they may use for their own in-school training needs.

SEN Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities online courseSEN Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities online course

This course is available to all teachers in Northern Ireland and is an excellent way to get a quick refresher on what the thinking skills are and on how to use the SEN Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities framework within your school. There are also resources for coordinators to run a directed time session.

A Window On Special – Continuing Professional DevelopmentA Window On Special – Continuing Professional Development

A range of CPD resources have been designed to complement the videos that form CCEA’s A Window On Special series. Schools may find it useful to use these CPD resources in training sessions with staff.