Science Through Stories

Hear how teachers have used Anything’s Possible to initiate scientific enquiry.

Anything's Possible!

This resource (sent to schools in 2005) was developed for all Primary Schools across Northern Ireland.

Wondrous Woodland 4.9 MB - uploaded 28-02-2018

Healthy Diets 2.9 MB - uploaded 28-02-2018

Up, Up and Away 1.9 MB - uploaded 28-02-2018

Shine a Light 552.5 KB - uploaded 28-02-2018

Anything's Possible - Irish Medium Is Féidir Gach Aon Rud!

Anything's Possible Audio Recording - Irish Medium 4.8 MB

Watch an online storytelling session.

Local actor Adam Dougal takes you through an enchanting version of the story Anything's Possible!

Science through Stories

Opportunities for scientific enquiry can be found in any story. Here are some examples that were used for World Book Day that can be used by teachers across all key stages of the primary school.

Elmer - Foundation Stage - How Easy Is It To Hide? 2.05 MB - uploaded 09-02-2018

Rosie's Hat - Foundation Stage - Why Do Things Move? 2.05 MB - uploaded 09-02-2018

Horrid Henry Rocks - Key Stage 1 - What Materials Can Horrid Henry Use To Help Block Out The Sound? 2.05 MB - uploaded 09-02-2018

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Key Stage 1 - How Can Mr Grinling Get His Lunch Quickly? 2.05 MB - uploaded 09-02-2018

Gangsta Granny - Key Stage 2 - Can We Create An Alarm System To Prevent Future Gangsta Crooks From Stealing The Crown Jewels? 2.05 MB - uploaded 09-02-2018

The BFG - Key Stage 2 - Can You Make Your Own Fizzy Potion? 2.05 MB - uploaded 09-02-2018

Charlotte's Web - Key Stage 2 - Why Do Spiders Not Stick To Their Own Webs? 2.05 MB - uploaded 09-02-2018

SEN and Inclusion

Science through Stories Science through Stories

Stories are an engaging way to spark thinking about science. These stories have been developed for Key Stage 3 learners with cognitive difficulties. Each topic has both a fictional and a factual version of the story. This allows for repetition of key ideas and also caters for differing preferences.