Key 3: Maths: Let the penny drop

As a staff, discuss the importance of making connections, talking about maths, practical learning, drawing diagrams and taking the time to think deeply.

Plan - NumCo (2 hours):

1. Staff complete the Start Line survey.
2. NumCo analyses and considers the findings.
3. NumCo explores the resource, plans and prepares for the discussion session.

Useful links about making connections and taking your time:

Do - Staff (45 minutes + 4 weeks):

4. NumCo guides the resource use and discussion.
5. Identify small changes for individual classroom.

Remember: Changes don’t have to be big to have an impact!

For example:

  • Stop expecting answers immediately;
  • Keep encouraging drawing as part of thinking; and
  • Start explicitly connecting maths to the real world.

Review – NumCo (1 hour) and staff (30 minutes)

6. Staff complete the Impact Measure survey.
7. NumCo plans feedback session.
8. Staff discuss the impact of the changes and agree those to stop and those to keep.
9. NumCo records the process and the impact measured.

Useful resources