Other Skills at KS4

At Key Stage 4, the other skills are Problem Solving; Self Management; and Working with Others. The other skills at Key Stage 4 incorporate creativity and managing information, but are grouped differently to reflect the approach to skills across the United Kingdom at this key stage.

These skills continue the development of the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities from Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4
Managing Information
Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
Being Creative
Working with Others Working with Others
Self-Management Self-Management / (Improving Own Learning and Performance)

It is possible to achieve a qualification in these skills through the CCEA Key Skills programme. More information on the Key Skills qualifications can be found at www.ccea.org.uk/key_skills.

For general information on developing Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities, see the following documents that have been produced for Key Stage 3:

Framework Diagram

Guidance Booklet

Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities CPD Materials

The following materials were used in many schools to deliver the first phase of Northern Ireland Curriculum training.  They remain a useful resource to support ongoing staff development in Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.  (Notes for the training facilitator are included in the 'Notes' page of the PowerPoint. The Activity and Resource sheets are included in a separate document.)