Physical Education

The statements below provide the minimum content for Learning for Life and Work.

Pupils should be enabled to:

  • plan and participate in a regular, frequent and balanced programme of physical activity that:
  • develops their interests and talents;
  • extends their knowledge, understanding and skills; and
  • contributes to, and helps sustain, a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • evaluate their own performances and that of others;
  • recognise and manage risk and apply safe principles and procedures before, during and after physical activity;
  • experience and understand different roles within a range of physical activities;
  • know how to access sporting and recreational opportunities in the local and wider community.

Recognise and Remove Concussion - Recognise and Remove

This website includes key information about concussion and what action to take if concussion is suspected. The website also provides multi-media teaching aids and other useful resources to help get the important message across to pupils of all ages. Take a look at the new Recognise and Remove website.