Mathematics and Numeracy

Mathematics and Numeracy includes the contributory elements Mathematics and Financial Capability.

Mathematics is fundamental to life in the sense that its unique language and forms of notation help us to calculate, estimate and problem-solve. It also informs many of the choices and decisions we make about real-life issues and challenges and the actions that we subsequently take. Through engagement with issues which have current and future relevance to young people, teachers can help pupils to see the relevance of mathematics and financial capability to real life.


Problem Solving in Mathematics Problem Solving in Mathematics

Our online resource promotes problem solving in mathematics and supports the teaching and learning of the minimum statutory content for Mathematics and Numeracy at Key Stage 3, providing suggested activities that allow pupils to demonstrate their mathematics in real-life and work situations. There is an introduction to the materials as well as accompanying solutions and teacher notes for each of the problems.

Mathematics and Numeracy Units Mathematics and Numeracy Units

Within our Mathematics and Numeracy Units resource we have designed a collection of four booklets to support the teaching and learning of the minimum statutory content for Mathematics and Numeracy at Key Stage 3.

Each booklet contains five units providing teaching and learning opportunities through suggested classroom activities. We have designed them to provide examples of how pupils can acquire, develop and consolidate their knowledge and understanding of:

Number 3.3 MB - Uploaded 04-08-2016

Algebra 4.0 MB - Uploaded 04-08-2016

Shape, Space and Measures 3.5 MB - Uploaded 04-08-2016

Handling Data 3.3 MB - Uploaded 04-08-2016

Copies of this resource have already been delivered to all schools. As stated in the Introduction booklet; the content of each booklet supports the Northern Ireland Curriculum. (For further guidance, see the Statutory Curriculum at Key Stage 3: Rationale and Detail and the Key Stage 3 Non Statutory Guidance for Mathematics with Financial Capability)

The overall aim of each booklet is to provide suggested classroom activities that help pupils to further engage with mathematics, inside and outside the classroom. Some activities will also enhance their appreciation of the foundations of mathematics and how its applications work.

Learning for Life and Work through Maths Learning for Life and Work through Maths

The purpose of this resource is to give an opportunity for maths teachers to deliver aspects of Learning for Life and Work in their classroom.

Talk Money, Talk Maths

Four real life scenarios that will support Mathematics learning and teaching while raising awareness of financial issues for young people.

Planning your Holiday

Using a familiar context, Planning your Holiday supports the development of financial capability through mathematics.


Money-go-round Money Skills for Everyone produced by the Basic Skills Agency.

Useful Links


An exciting new website developed to support learning and teaching at Key Stage 3 of STEM related subjects including Science, Technology and Design, Mathematics, Home Economics and Employability.

Financial Capability Microsite Financial Capability

This site equips teachers with the information and educational resources they will need to deliver effective lessons in personal money management. Personal financial education seeks to develop young people’s level of financial understanding, skills and confidence allowing them to make effective decisions throughout their lives.