In 2018/19 CCEA will be developing a range of materials on Active Citizenship that links to the Key Stage 3 curriculum for Local and Global Citizenship. These exciting new resources will be made available here soon.

The following films and accompanying resources were created by Cinemagic Belfast to support the NI government's Fresh Start Plan (2015) and its aim to promote the rule of law and tackle paramilitary activity. In 2017-18 Cinemagic delivered a pilot programme for Key Stage 3 pupils with the support of the Department of Education and CCEA to create educational resources assisting post primary school teachers to explore curriculum based topics on the theme of "Lawfulness". Each lesson uses a film to explore issues such as justice, fairness, lawfulness and contributing positively to society. 

Please note that only the Cinemagic films are available for schools to screen online. Schools must ensure they have a PVS license to screen any of the other films identified in the lesson plans.

"Punch" Lesson Plan. Theme: Violence  605.11 KB - uploaded 11-10-2018

"Delicate Things" Lesson Plan. Theme: Reconciliation  668.7 KB - uploaded 11-10-2018

"Chancer" Lesson Plan. Theme: Justice  598.69 KB - uploaded 11-10-2018

"Chancer" Lesson Plan. Theme: Forgiveness  613.53 KB - uploaded 11-10-2018

Good Friday Agreement Lesson Plans  832.2 KB - uploaded 02-11-2018