Local and Global Citizenship

NICCY - Promoting the Rights of Children & Young People UNCRC Resource Hub

CCEA and the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People (NICCY) have partnered to create this child rights resource hub for teachers and pupils. Its aim is to provide a range resources that will help to tell children and young people about their rights, as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Global Dimension Global Dimension

We have developed these resources to encourage pupils to explore the Global Dimension within their learning at Key Stage 3. The Global Dimension incorporates the key concepts of global citizenship, conflict resolution, diversity, human rights, interdependence, social justice, sustainable development and values and perceptions.


EU4U is a Local and Global Citizenship resource which helps pupils understand the impact of the EU on their lives, and their role as EU citizens.

Local and Global Citizenship Local and Global Citizenship

A practical resource to support schools in addressing the curriculum requirements for Local and Global Citizenship at Key Stage 3.

Integrated Activities

The following activities integrate two strands of Learning for Life and Work:

Drugs and Society (Personal Development / Local and Global Citizenship)

Drugs and Society (Resource 1)

Drugs and Society (Resource 3)

Migrant Workers (Employability / Local and Global Citizenship)

Migrant Workers (Resource 1)

The following resources were funded and created through the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council Media Grant Scheme:

Bridging The Gap

This is a 60-minute film, accompanied by a trailer. The film explores the experiences of newcomer pupils in Craigavon schools. The film capture the views and experiences of pupils, parents, educators, academics and leaders in the Community Intercultural Programme. It considers the challenges newcomer pupils may face and in particular the language barrier.

Bridging The Gap Taster youtube.com

Bridging The Gap youtube.com

Kettle of Fish (LJHSTV Community Interest Company) (Paul Moorehead)

Where is Belfast

This is a 20-minute film, accompanied by a short trailer. The film examines the experiences and challenges of young migrants living in local communities.

Where is Belfast - Trailer - To view the Trailer enter the password: trailer  vimeo.com

Where is Belfast - Final Film - To view the film enter the password: finalfinal  vimeo.com

Film-maker: Priya Biring

Voices of the New Belfast

Voices of the New Belfast is a documentary film project that focuses on the lives and experiences of nine individuals from other countries who have come to live in Belfast. The documentary consists of nine films each accompanied by a short introductory text. Each film captures real stories and explores the experiences of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The film deals with some of the issues that affect these people and their communities.

Voices of the New Belfast voicesofthenewbelfast.org

Film makers: Jonathan Agnew, Gerard Stewart and Stuart Sloan

Fleadh Con(fus)ion

Fleadh Con(fus)ion Engagement of Londonderry Bands Forum with the All Ireland Fleadh in Derry and training/facilitation.

Key Stage 3 learning resource in 3 units, stereotypes, cultural identity and learning on the Cultúrlann website:

Fleadh Con(fus)ion Documentary and training resource that is intended as one of a series working with Londonderry Bands Forum.  culturlann-doire.ie

The choices we made: Bystanding and Conflict in Northern Ireland

Film and education guide dealing with the legacy of the Troubles through the real life stories of people through focusing on their individual choices and behaviours when they felt they did not stand up to a perceived injustice.

The choices we made - Bystanding and Conflict in Northern Ireland (Trailer) vimeo.com

Spring Farm Learning To Live Together

This is an eight-minute film about people's experiences of living in the Spring Farm Community in Antrim. Spring Farm is integrated community, which has around 40% of people from ethic minatory groups, 30% Catholic and 30% Protectants. The film illustrates diversity and inclusion in a local community.

Springfarm - Living Together youtube.com

Useful Links

Global Learning Programme - This website provides schools with resources, case studies and information on local training that will support them to educate for a fair and sustainable world through all areas of the curriculum.

NI Disability and Development Education - This resource consists of a series of short videos and accompanying teacher notes about the life experiences of young people with disabilities in different countries, including Northern Ireland.