Environment and Society

This Area of Learning contains the subject strands of Geography and History.

Geography and History provide many opportunities for pupils to explore a range of topics and issues including those, which may be sensitive or controversial.

The following CCEA guidance and training programme on teaching controversial issues supports a whole school approach and provides teachers with practical classroom teaching and learning strategies for teaching controversial issues.

Teaching Controversial Issues Training Guidance Notes 483.4 KB - Uploaded 19-02-2018

Teaching Controversial Issues at Key Stages 3 & 4

This training programme supports a whole-school approach to teaching controversial issues. Curriculum leaders can adapt the training materials and use them as part of their school CPD programme.

Ecoworld Ecoworld

Explore sustainability issues through Eco's immersive 3D game and Eco Topics.  Ecoworld aims to develop young people’s awareness and understanding of the implications for the individual, society, the economy and environment in the areas of energy, transport, waste, food and water.

Creative Learning in the Digital Age Creative Learning in the Digital Age

An archive of moving images with examplars for teachers and students.

In 2002, Northern Ireland Screen, the Nerve Centre and CCEA received funding from NESTA - the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts to carry out phase two of Creative Learning in the Digital Age. Read more about this project


The following resources were funded and created through the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council Media Grant Scheme. The resources were developed to promote and support Shared Education, Cultural Diversity and Centenary Anniversaries.

Decade of Centenaries Ulster 1885 - 1925

The Decade of Centenaries Ulster 1885 - 1925 is an interactive timeline. Pupils can use the timeline to explore the history of the North of Ireland from the Third Reform Act of 1884 to the suspension of the Boundary Commission in 1925.

Decade of Centenaries Ulster 1885 - 1925 centenariestimeline.com

Bicycles, Barracks and Bandoliers

This is a web-based resource that uses artefacts to chronicle the history of policing in the north of Ireland, which are housed in the Policing Museum.

Bicycles, Barracks & Bandoliers Trailer vimeo.com

Bicycles, Barracks & Bandoliers - A History of Policing in the North of Ireland  policehistoryni.com

Decade of Centenaries Toolkit

The Decade of Centenaries Toolkit includes guidance and resources, which teachers can use when planning to teach about commemoration.

Creative Centenaries - Toolkit creativecentenaries.org


Statutory Requirements for History
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Non Statutory Guidance for History
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Statutory Requirements for Geography
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Non Statutory Guidance for Geography
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