Working with the weather

Pathetic Fallacy is when the human feelings and responses affect inanimate objects, animals and/or the weather, so that they match. Weather is most commonly used for this effect.

Using the Words for weather-watching resource pupils could classify the vocabulary into different sorts of weather, and rank them in order of severity. They might go with words about temperature, words about windy weather, words about rain, words about snow etc. Using the resource pupils could also:

  • Pair words up to create memorable descriptions of weather conditions;
  • Add adjectives and adverbs to enliven their descriptions;
  • Sort the vocabulary into 1 syllable, 2 syllable etc. and use them to write an emotions poem, using only weather imagery; and
  • Categorise the vocabulary by initial sound, and come up with alliterative descriptions of the weather, which could then be linked to emotional states/ scenarios.


Words for weather watching
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