Character traits

Encourage your pupils to create their own bank of adjectives to describe character. You may wish to use the pupil resource My adjectives bank and also the Word randomiser to help pupils select descriptive words. Encourage your pupils to choose words that they have not heard before and look them up in a dictionary. Ask your pupils to colour code the adjectives based on mood.

Next, ask pupils to create a character word wheel using their bank of adjectives. You may wish to use the Character wheel resource. We have provided these as interactive presentation and a printable resource.

Encourage your pupils to match the characteristics to images of people they find in newspapers or online. Here are some useful sources:

Literacy Shed

Literacy Shed has interesting images of statues and people that give opportunities for exploring character and creating back story.

Martin Parr

Martin Parr’s site has interesting images of individuals, groups and places.

You can edit this activity to use any source image you want. Why not use images for characters in literature you are using with your pupils? Ask your pupils to create a character from a poem or short story. Pupils could critique the casting for characters in film adaptations of novels. This activity presents challenges if they have seen the film first, as it is more difficult for them to separate the actor’s interpretation of the character from the author’s depiction of them. You could use CCEA’s Thinking Cards to help your pupils to distinguish between the actor or director‘s interpretation and their own interpretation from the text.

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My adjective bank
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Character wheel (printable resource)
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