Continuing character development

Continue character development with the following pupil resources:

Think sheet

Ask your pupils to use the Think sheet resource to record their thoughts about a character they have met in a novel or a film.

Your face or mine?

Ask your pupils’ to gather everything they have decided about their character and apply it to their character’s physical appearances. Using the Your face or mine? resource, give pupils the chance to draw the face of their character.  This can then be followed up with what clothes they wear, accessories they carry or any other features they may like to include. Consider showing your pupils examples of Quentin Blake’s work and try to emulate his style for their character drawing.


Now that your pupils know what is going on inside their character’s head, ask them to consider how others view their character. Encourage your pupils to choose a famous person or character and explore the differences between how they view themselves and how others view them. Are there any discrepancies?

Robert Frost’s poem Tree at my window explores inner weather and may be an interesting stimulus to use here. Ask pupils to consider all words they associate with their character. You may wish to use the Character word cloud resource as a stimulus for this part of the activity. Next, use ICT to create a word cloud for their character.

Group discussion idea

Consider exploring the idea of image and perception: Comparing your insides to other people’s outsides is the road to misery. This short film called Catch a lot from the Literacy Shed website.

Consider the two characters' perception of the other. Imagine the internal lives of these characters – how do they view themselves? How do they feel about the perception of the other?

Pupils could present these ideas through role play or tableaux.

Create your own!

Ask your pupils to Draw a character including clothes and facial expression. Outside the body, write words to describe his/her personality. Include personality traits and give their character a name that suits his/her personality.

Extension: Groups, as pupils to come up with three things their character might do, three situations their character might find themselves in, or three things that might make their character angry. Use one of the short forms to explore these ideas further.

Character questionnaire

This Character questionnaire is a useful resource for creating back-story and making characters believable. You could use it with the Facebook character profile to draw out the differences between the truthful internal character and the image the character wishes to project to the world.


Think Sheet
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Your face or mine?
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Character word cloud
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Draw your own character
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Character questionnaire
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