Back story

Once your pupils have established basic details about their character, encourage them to begin to develop their character to create personality traits. Use the Create an interview resource to stimulate discussion or as a hot-seating activity where pupils ask these questions of each other. You can ask your pupils to answer spontaneously or give them time to prepare.

Working with images

Creating stories for couples in photographs, paintings and stills from TV or film can give your pupils opportunities to work together creatively to invent the most interesting stories, inferring meaning from the smallest of details.

Search online for images of bored couples, old couples, stressed couples, happy couples or odd couples. Alternatively, encourage your pupils to choose images that appeal to them. Then ask them to show you the images using Office 365 or Google Classroom. The Working with images resource includes a handful of images.

  • Give your pupils different photographs of couples. Ask them, in pairs, to create a biography for the couple in no more than four or five sentences;
  • Ask your pupils to swap the images with another pair and create another biography. Pupils should then share their completed biographies and discuss the reasons why they created their backstory;
  • Use reeze frame or tableau to tell the story of a relationship from the photographs. Create at least four freeze frames, both before and after the photograph was taken; and
  • Rank the couples from happiest to unhappiest. Agree the order in your groups. Ask one of the group to explain the group’s view to the rest of the class.


Create an interview
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Working with images
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