English with Media Education

and Irish with Media Education (in Irish speaking schools).

This area provides opportunities for young people to develop effective communication skills in relevant contexts. It also develops some understanding of how language works, and the richness of language and literature in any culture as a means of communication and creative expression.


English and Irish with media education provide many opportunities for pupils to explore a range of topics and issues including those, which may be sensitive or controversial.

The following CCEA guidance and training programme on teaching controversial issues supports a whole school approach and provides teachers with practical classroom teaching and learning strategies for teaching controversial issues.

Teaching Controversial Issues Training Guidance Notes 483.4 KB - Uploaded 19-02-2018

Teaching Controversial Issues at Key Stages 3 & 4

This training programme supports a whole-school approach to teaching controversial issues. Curriculum leaders can adapt the training materials and use them as part of their school CPD programme.

Learning for Life and Work through EnglishLearning for Life and Work through English

The purpose of this resource is to demonstrate how English teachers can deliver aspects of Learning for Life and Work in their classroom.

The following video (Resource 5) is referenced in this resource - an interview with B&Q employees Thomas Sweeney & Mae Simpson. Mae is a 78 year old woman who works as a Sales Assistant in her local B&Q store.


Novel Quests

The aim of these units of work is to engage pupils in reading for pleasure, in and out of the classroom, and to enhance their appreciation of a writer's craft.

Novel Quests: Key Stage 3 English with Media Education

Novel Quests: Unique (based on the novel Unique by Alison Allen-Gray)

Novel Quests: Cosmic (based on the novel Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce)

Novel Quests: Bog Child (based on the novel Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd)


Poetry Quests

Novel Quests: Poetry Quests: Key Stage 3 English with Media Education


An interactive resource that helps pupils respond to a range of literary texts and poems with moving and still images. The resource helps children respond to texts in new and creative ways, while addressing the statutory requirement to provide Media Education as part of the English curriculum.