Ideas for Connected Learning (ICLs)


The ICLs provide a range of active learning experiences that assist teachers in making the revised Northern Ireland Curriculum come alive. They are a means of developing the overall aim and objectives of the curriculum and the principles that underpin it.


The ICLs were developed to support teachers with the implementation of a more flexible curriculum. The aim was to highlight how the Areas of Learning within the curriculum can be connected through successful topic work. They provide a wide range of suggested learning intentions, activities and resources to help you plan topics that are relevant to the needs, interests and abilities of children. While the ICLs provide suggestions for connected learning, it is important to incorporate children’s ideas to promote a more relevant learning experience.


The ICLs available here are for teachers of Key Stages 1 & 2.

The materials were developed by CCEA and written by practising teachers from across all five Education and Library Boards and officers from a range of educational partners.