Northern Ireland Numeracy Assessment

The Northern Ireland Numeracy Assessment (NINA) is provided by Rising Stars UK Ltd.  NINA has been designed to assess Year 4 to 7 pupils' numeracy skills across two strands:

  • Understanding and Using Number; and
  • Shape and Space, Measures and Handling Data.

Before pupils complete their actual assessment schools should introduce NINA using the following steps:

1. View the Practice Area Demo / Léiriú ar an Suíomh Cleachtaidh

View Practice Assessment DemoLéiriú ar an Suíomh Cleachtaidh

This demo introduces pupils to NINA and the techniques they need to be aware of when completing this assessment. This demo also highlights to pupils the importance of practising the techniques.

Subtitles can be switched on in the pupil demos to support pupils with hearing impairments.

2. Complete the Practice Area

The practice area provides pupils with an opportunity to try sample questions from NINA and the various techniques required to answer them, without logging in (Passwords are not required).

Teachers may find it useful to initially demonstrate the question types on an interactive whiteboard or projector prior to pupils working through the practice area themselves. 

A few techniques within NINA require pupils to use the mouse and keyboard at the same time, for example tessellation, pupils should be guided through any difficulties before they commence their assessment.

3. View the Real Assessment Demo / Léiriú ar an Mheasúnú Fhíor

View Real Assessment DemoLéiriú ar an Mheasúnú Fhíor

This demo recaps for pupils what they will be required to do when completing NINA. The demo reminds pupils of the techniques and icons they will have experienced in the practice area and prepares them for the 'real' assessment.

Subtitles can be switched on in the pupil demos to support pupils with hearing impairments.


NINA Practice Demo Transcript
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Léiriú ar an Suíomh Cleachtaidh
213.22 KB - uploaded 26-08-2014
Real Assessment Demo Transcript
150.15 KB - uploaded 12-02-2014
Léiriú ar an Mheasúnú Fhíor
151.09 KB - uploaded 26-08-2014