Can pupils complete the CBAs on iPads or mobile devices?

No, assessments have been designed to be completed using C2k equipment such as assessment laptops and PCs which are part of the C2k managed service in schools.

Can schools use their teacher laptops to provide additional work stations?

New c2k teacher laptops issued in 2016 can be used to administer CBAs as long as they have completed all of the relevant updates from C2k.

Do pupils need to use a ‘mouse’ to complete the assessments?

Using a mouse is recommended when completing CBAs.

What is the best way to organise computers/laptops for conducting CBAs?

This very much depends on the resources available in your school and needs to be conducted in line with C2k guidance. However, many schools without dedicated ICT suites have reported that setting up an area in their schools for conducting assessments works well for them. If schools choose to do this they need to ensure there is adequate network/wireless connectivity. Other schools have suggested that rotating their pupils around available computers/laptops in their classrooms is preferable.

The most important first stage in organisation is to make sure all the computers to be used for the assessments have been connected to the C2k network and switched on well in advance of starting assessments to ensure that all the latest automatic updates are downloaded and installed.

What is the Pre Flight Check (PFC)?

A 'Pre-flight Check' has been developed by CCEA to check that the ICT equipment used by pupils has the necessary software to run the CBAs. The 'Pre-flight Check' (PFC) is an automated check that will commence each time NILA/NINA are accessed via the 'My-School' links. If all requirements are in place the NILA or NINA Home page will appear.

If any CBA requirements are not installed, the PFC will identify this and provide guidance. For further information please refer to the document emailed to CBA schools 'Important CBA Set Up Guidance and Advice 2016'.

However, it is important to note that some requirements for CBA are outside the scope of a PFC e.g. Internet connectivity strength and speed.