Reports and Outcomes

What Assessment Outcomes are provided from CBA?

Outcomes from the assessments provide both numerical and qualitative diagnostic information about individual pupils. These include:

Results Tables: provide schools with Age-Related Outcome (ARO) Ranges and Standardised Scores (SS). These are available for individual pupils, classes, year groups and at whole school level. These build over time to show additional data as it becomes available for new academic years.

Schools can use these outcomes for monitoring progress and for benchmarking performance within the school and across Northern Ireland.

Parent Reports: contain the results table for an individual pupil showing only the Age-Related Outcome (ARO) Range. This information is kept simple to support clear and effective communication with parents.

Objectives Reports: provide specific information about the questions asked and whether the pupil answered correctly or incorrectly. This level of detail can be used to support planning for learning and teaching and communicating with parents. It may also be useful for informing individual education plans of pupils receiving targeted support for special educational needs.


To make the information illustrated as flexible as possible schools are presented with three different views of the Objectives Report within NINA:

  • Answers by Question Order - shows the path that a pupil took through the assessment;
  • Answers by Skills Focus - shows how the pupil performed in the different areas of the curriculum; and
  • Answers by Year - shows how a pupil performed in relation to the difficulty of the questions.


  • NILA Objectives Report provides specific information about the questions asked and whether the pupil answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • NILA Skills Focus Report provides information for a pupil sorted for the Area of Learning and then by Skills Focus. This will make it easier for teachers to quickly focus in on a pupil’s strengths and where they may need support.

Do schools have to use the CBA Parent Report?

Schools are not required to use the CBA Parent Report.

However, a Parent Report has been provided for schools wishing to share the outcomes of CBA with parents. This report only presents the ARO Range for the pupil. It keeps the information simple and is designed to support clear and effective communication with parents in line with feedback from schools.

Schools wishing to give parents more specific detail about how to support learning at home can also refer to the child’s Objectives Report or the Skills Focus Report.

On NILA Objectives Reports what do the symbols in the 'Age' column mean?

The symbols in the 'Age' column indicate which questions are age appropriate for the pupil (=) and those which are age appropriate for younger pupils (<), older pupils (>) or even older pupils (>+).

How has the data for CBA been standardised?

The CBAs are standardised for Northern Ireland pupils.

Is it possible to compare CBA standardised scores with other standardised scores?

When making a comparison one would expect a similar rank ordering. However the CBAs are adaptive which makes them uniquely different to other assessments as the pupil’s assessment pathway is determined by his or her responses. Additionally it is the only assessment which is both based entirely on the Northern Ireland curriculum and standardised with Northern Ireland pupils. CBA may be considered a more objective assessment as teachers do not have access to the NILA and NINA question items beforehand.