The Assessment process

How can I access the school Administrator password?

Principals can access the school NILA/NINA new Administrator Password from 'Principal Documents' within the 'MY-SCHOOL' area of C2k Exchange. For security this password changes each year.

How can an individual teacher access their password?

The CBA Administrator within each school is responsible for giving the teachers in the school their usernames and passwords. Each teacher will have a different username and password for NILA and NINA.

NB The school Administrator needs to create the NILA teacher passwords while the NINA teacher passwords are available within the software. See guidance documents page 11(NILA/NINA 'Using Computer-Based Assessment in Northern Ireland Information for Schools 2016-2017') for further advice.

NILA Guidance Document - Using CBA in Northern Ireland Information for Schools (2016–2017) 5.3 MB - uploaded 06-27-2016

NINA Guidance Document - Using CBA in Northern Ireland Information for Schools (2016–2017)  4.1 MB - uploaded 06-27-2016

How quickly can the CBA Administrator access pupil user names and passwords?

Once the teacher and pupil details have been uploaded from SIMS to WebXchange, Administrators will be able to access passwords within five working days.

How do pupils access CBAs?

In order for pupils to access their CBAs, they must first log into the C2k network with their individual C2k username and password. On the Primary Pupil My-School interface pupils can navigate the shortcuts by:

  • Clicking "My Links" on the My-School homepage
  • Clicking "NILA" or "NINA" as required in the new window that appears

For further information please refer to the document emailed to CBA schools 'Important CBA Set Up Guidance and Advice 2016'.

NB Multiple pupils logged on with the same C2k username and password will not be able to access NILA and NINA through the shortcuts.

Do pupils need a username to access the practice area/practice assessment?

Usernames and passwords are not needed to log into the NILA practice area or the NINA practice assessment. Pupils can access these by clicking "My Links" on the My-School homepage.

Why does a pupil's password not work/allow access to the assessment?

As each pupil has 2 unique passwords, one for NINA and a different one for NILA you could check the following:

  • The pupil may be trying to use the NINA password for the NILA assessment, or vice-versa.
  • The pupil may already have completed the assessment. You can confirm this by checking the outcomes.
  • Another pupil may have made an error and already used the password. This has happened when both pupils have the same first name.
  • NILA passwords are case sensitive.

Does a pupil have to complete all their assessment in one sitting?

No, the pupil can pause the assessment as often as required by closing the browser. To resume, the pupil should log on again and they will be able to pick up where they left off by clicking on 'Continue with assessment'.

Can pupils practice/complete CBAs at home?

Pupils should not use NILA and NINA assessments at home as they are designed for use on C2k computers. Additionally CCEA recommends the assessments are completed with teacher supervision.

Can a pupil repeat their CBAs?

There is no facility to repeat an assessment unless there is a very strong and valid reason for doing so. In such exceptional circumstances a school should email the CBA helpdesk outlining the reasons why a pupil should repeat an assessment and decisions will be taken on an individual basis.

What happens if a new pupil arrives (mid-autumn term) when the school is conducting Computer Based Assessments?

If the new pupil hasn’t already completed CBA in their previous school the school should re-run their SIMS export for year 4-7 pupils and save it into Webxchange (using the instructions provided by CCEA). The new pupil’s details will be added to the existing information and their CBA usernames and passwords will be available to access within 48 hours.

This will not have any effect on pupils that have already started their assessments. If the new pupil has already completed their CBAs in their previous school that term—contact the CCEA helpdesk (028 90261274) to request that their outcomes are exported to the new school.

Are pupils allowed pencil and paper to complete their Computer Based Assessments?

Pencil and paper should be made available to pupils when completing the NINA assessments but is not necessary during the NILA assessment.

Are there a specific number of questions within the NILA assessment?

Most pupils complete 46 questions in their NILA assessment in an average time (including audio) of 40 minutes. To help teachers monitor pupil progress and manage the assessment process effectively the question number is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The questions within NILA are not timed, so pupils won’t feel under pressure but this does mean that the longer a pupil takes to answer their questions, the longer the assessment will take.

Are there a specific number of questions within the NINA assessment?

The number of questions pupils receive depends on their interaction with the assessment and the adaptive process. During autumn 2015 the average number of questions in Strand 1 was 19 and in Strand 2 was 18. Most pupils completed strand 1 in their NINA assessment in an average time of 23 minutes and Strand 2 in 21 minutes. As this is an adaptive system pupils who are more capable or less competent are likely to be asked more questions.

With the exception of mental arithmetic questions the questions are not timed.

Why does the NILA assessment not 'time out' despite the pupil consistently inserting incorrect responses?

NILA assessment has a set number of questions (either 46 or 38) which will continue to be presented to the pupil even though the pupil is answering incorrectly.

In contrast, the number of questions within a NINA assessment will depend on how the pupil interacts with the assessment and if a pupil consistently inserts incorrect responses the assessment will be shorter.

What action should a teacher take if a pupil has difficulty with a technique when answering a question e.g. rotating an object, removing a line?

The pupil can be directed by the teacher to stop the assessment by closing the browser and practice the question technique until they are happy using it. Then the pupil can log back into the system and continue the assessment.

NB To help teachers to support pupils during the NINA assessment 'NINA' posters have been provided to schools. These are also available from

Can pupils in IM schools/units complete the CBAs in both English and Irish?

NINA can only be completed once by each pupil. This will be in the initial language selected when starting an assessment. The Irish Medium version of NINA is only available to Irish Medium schools, or schools with an Irish Medium Unit.

Schools can choose to complete NILA in English only, Irish Medium only or in both English and Irish Medium.

What happens if a pupil mistakenly selects a NINA EM assessment and should have selected the IM version or vice-versa?

The teacher needs to contact the CBA Helpdesk to arrange to have the assessment reset.