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Teacher Enrolment Guide

Teacher Enrolment Guide - Computer-Based Assessment Online Training 2016 662.5 KB - uploaded 08-08-2016

Latest News: (23/01/17)

Computer-Based Assessment Helpdesk

The Department of Education informed schools on 17th January 2017 that contracts to provide Computer-Based Assessments (CBAs) to primary schools in Northern Ireland will not continue beyond this academic year (2016/17).

The CBA helpdesk currently remains open to support schools that have availed of the CBAs. You can contact the helpdesk on (028) 9026 1274.

Key Dates - NILA and NINA Autumn 2016

Activity Dates
Principal Information Seminars June 2016
Online course 22 August – 16 December 2016
Preparation Instructions Provided to schools 15 August 2016
Admin Passwords available to schools 15 August 2016
Assessment Coordinator Training August - September 2016
SIMS Upload Complete by 26 September 2016
Face-to-face Feedback and Training Sessions 26 September – 14 November 2016
Online Collaborate Training Sessions 25 October – 22 November 2016
Assessment Period 03 October – 16 December 2016
Principal, Teacher and Pupil Evaluation Questionnaires 03 October – 16 December 2016
School Follow Up Meetings November 2016 to January 2017

Additional important information
Please note that a small number of schools will complete CBAs (and other key associated elements) earlier than the dates specified above. This is to enable CCEA (in partnership with C2k) carry out final quality assurance checks prior to their availability across Northern Ireland.

Communications to Schools

Department of Education – Operation & Registration of NILA and NINA in Autumn 2016 (issued 03.03.16) 52 KB - uploaded 15-06-2016

CCEA – Invite to Register for 2016 CBA Programme (issued 07.03.16) 33 KB - uploaded 15-06-2016

Pre-flight Check [This link will only work on the C2k managed environment.]

CCEA in conjunction with C2k and both CBA suppliers have developed an automated pre-flight check to support schools in ensuring their C2k ICT equipment is set up for CBAs. The ‘Pre-flight Check’ is automated and commences when pupils click on either the NILA or NINA link via their ‘My-School’ homepage. This check confirms that the correct versions of software are installed on workstations prior to pupils commencing assessments. In the case of incorrect set-up, the ‘Pre-flight Check’ will provide guidance and advice to schools.