Using ICT at Foundation Stage

Information and Communications Technology, across the curriculum, has the potential to transform and enrich pupils’ learning experiences and environments. It can empower pupils, develop self-esteem and promote positive attitudes to learning. Additionally, the creative use of ICT has the potential to improve pupils’ thinking skills, providing them with opportunities to become independent, self-motivated and flexible learners.

Pupils should develop the skills of Using ICT by engaging in meaningful research and purposeful activities set in relevant contexts. They should use ICT to handle and communicate information, solve problems, pose questions and take risks. They should process, present and exchange their ideas and translate their thinking into creative outcomes that show an awareness of audience and purpose. They should also use ICT to collaborate within and beyond the classroom, to share and exchange their work and to exhibit and showcase their learning.


Levels of Progression in Using ICT
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Leibhéil de Dhul Chun Cinn in Úsáid TFC
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