Key Stage 1 and 2 Task Library

CCEA provide a task library for Key Stages 1 and 2 containing assessment tasks and pupil work. Tasks for primary Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT are available for Levels of Progression 1-5. The library also contains guidance about using tasks and levelling pupil work.

Tasks in Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT can be used with pupils in any year group to support the development and, if appropriate, the assessment of the cross-curricular skills.

Task Ordering

CCEA now provide a mechanism for ordering hard copies of tasks.

Teachers can access tasks and examples of pupil work, or bulk order hard copies of Communication and Using Mathematics tasks by logging into the 'Task and Exemplification Library' link in the list of online courses.

Non-teaching School Staff

Non-teaching School Staff can order hard copies of tasks on behalf of their school here (only teachers have access to the associated exemplification).

Key Stage 1 and 2 Exemplification Library

CCEA also provide an Exemplification Library for primary schools that contains examples of pupil work that illustrate the standards for Levels of Progression 1-5 in the cross-curricular skills.

An exemplar School Submission containing samples of pupils work at Levels 2 to 5 can also be viewed. The Level 3 element of the School Submission is available for Using Mathematics.

To access the Task and Exemplification libraries, go to, login with your C2k login credentials and select Task and Exemplification.