The Levels of Progression for Using ICT

The Levels of Progression for Using ICT should give you information about your pupils' progress and help you to make judgements about the levels at which they are working. They align with the Curriculum Requirements, which are set out under the 5 'E's. The levels are presented as bulleted statements, in columns from Level 1 to Level 5.

The expected levels for most pupils at the end of each Key Stage are:

  • end of Key Stage 1 – Level 2;
  • end of Key Stage 2 – Level 4; and
  • end of Key Stage 3 – Level 5.

The Levels of Progression describe the types and range of performance that pupils working at each level should demonstrate. When judging a pupil's level of competence in Using ICT, you should select the statements that best fit the pupil's work over a period of time. Check by comparing your judgement with the levels immediately above and below.

Note that the higher levels build on the knowledge, understanding and skills of the levels below.