Celebrate with CCEA 2018

Celebrate with CCEA is an annual award ceremony that commemorates learners who have displayed outstanding achievement, dedication and commitment in their CCEA examinations and which recognises the dedication that drives our vocational learners.

Look out for more information on date and venue for Celebrate with CCEA coming soon!

The annual Celebrate with CCEA award ceremony brings together students who have attained overall top marks in each of CCEA’s GCSE subjects (Top Candidates) and students nominated by teachers and tutors in CCEA's Professional and Technical Qualifications (Learners of the Year). Since the mid 1990's CCEA has run individual award ceremonies to recognise achievement across all of our qualifications. In 2016, we combined our GCSE event and vocational event for the first time creating Celebrate with CCEA. This all-inclusive event brings together a wider spectrum of learners across CCEA's general and skills based qualifications.