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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for GCSE & GCE AS/A2 positions

Is guidance provided?

Yes you will receive guidance. This will take many forms.

  • Instructions to Examiners Booklet. This contains general instructions such as preparation for the Standardising (marking) Meeting; return of mark sheets; instructions regarding the marking of scripts.
  • Detailed written mark scheme
  • Application of provisional mark scheme to an advance allocation of 20 examination scripts. This gives you an opportunity to highlight any difficulties that may arise in preparation for the Standardising Meeting. You will then be invited to raise such issues with the Principal Examiner at the Standardising Meeting.
  • Attendance at one meeting, the Standardising Meeting, when photocopied scripts will be worked through and the mark scheme may be amended. You will be engaged in marking a selected number of photocopied scripts during this meeting. The Supervising Examiner will give you feedback on this exercise.
  • Scrutiny of first sample. Within two days after the Standardising Meeting you are asked to forward 15 marked scripts to your Supervising Examiner: A sample of these will then be remarked by your Supervising Examiner and feedback given to you in writing.
  • Scrutiny of a second sample, of 25 scripts half way through your marking.
  • Mentoring by your Supervising Examiner. You may contact your Supervising Examiner by telephone throughout the marking process.

How many scripts do I mark?

A normal allocation for GCSE may vary from 250 to 350 scripts. The minimum allocation for GCE is generally 150 scripts. In your first year you may be asked to mark a reduced allocation.

How much time is allocated to marking scripts?

There is usually three weeks in which to complete the marking.

How much time do I need out of school and is substitute cover provided?

You will need one day out of school to attend the Standardisation Meeting. YES, substitute cover will be provided. You will need to set aside time within your own schedule for your marking.

How do I receive and return the examination scripts and OMR mark sheets?

You will pick up the examination scripts and OMR sheets at the end of the Standardisation Meeting. In returning same - they may be delivered to CCEA and signed off or alternatively the OMR mark sheets should be posted by recorded delivery and arrangements made with CCEA for collection of the scripts from your school or preferred collection address.

Are there any other duties involved in this process?

YES. You will be required to total the marks given throughout and on the front cover of each examination paper; transfer the total mark to an OMR (Optical Mark Reading) sheet and complete a brief report.


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