Our Values

Values may be defined as things you believe in and which help to define the way you live. Individual CCEA staff have personal values that are individual to them, their family or the community to which they belong. We encourage these personal values. We do, however, have corporate values and expect staff to ‘live’ our corporate values as they go about their daily business in CCEA. CCEA has six corporate values in the following areas:


CCEA will ensure staff are open and honest, tell the truth, play by the rules, not knowingly do anything wrong and do not allow themselves to be influenced to do otherwise.

Quality and Excellence

CCEA will endeavour to ensure staff deliver the very best products and services to customers, partners and stakeholders and seek ways to continuously improve.

Social Responsibility

CCEA will go beyond its statutory remit in respect of investment in its own staff and the contribution it makes to the community.


CCEA will demonstrate exemplary leadership including leading the community debate on educational policy and promoting, through example, the seven principles of public life as set out by the Nolan Committee.


CCEA will treat all its people with respect; will recruit, reward and promote staff on the basis of merit; will provide good working conditions; and will help its staff to achieve a work/life balance

Customers, Partners and Stakeholders

CCEA will meet the needs and expectations of its customers, keep its promises, secure full customer trust and will put things right when they go wrong.

Further Information

The CCEA Code of Ethics sets out behaviours expected of CCEA employees and provides an ethical framework for employee decisions and actions.

CCEA principles and objectives in relation to quality and excellence are set out in the Quality Policy.

CCEA’s approach to social responsibility is set out in the Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy.

CCEA’s approach to its people is described in the various policies and procedures set out in the internal CCEA staff handbook.

CCEA’s approach to its customers is set out in the Mission Statement and the Customer Charter and Corporate Plan.

The seven principles of public life (Nolan) are: selflessness; integrity; objectivity; accountability; openness; honesty; and leadership.